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July 11, 2019
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December 30, 2019
Valve Bag

In the baking process, coffee beans produce carbon dioxide (CO2). The production amount of CO2 is related to the roasting degree of coffee beans. The degree of roasting escalates the amount of carbon dioxide released from coffee beans. The liberation of carbon dioxide during the process of baking is primarily annexed to the coffee bean surface and then released from the surface. A large amount of CO2 released from the coffee bean could split the block bottom valve bag. Therefore, a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide is essential from the security point of view. Thus far, there are three methods to avert the explosion of coffee bags.

Method 1

First, let the beans become old. Leave the baked coffee beans for about one to three days. Let it gently release carbon dioxide. In this method, you do not have to worry about the coffee beans’ oxidation. However, with the release of CO2, the aroma of coffee will be faded away.

Method 2

The 2nd method is to place a deoxidizer in the bag. The deoxidizer absorbs both oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, it sucks a portion of the coffee’s typical aroma.

Method 3

The third technique is the installation of a one-way valve in the coffee bag. The release of carbon dioxide from coffee beans will automatically be discharged out of the block bottom valve bag.

One Way Valve Bag

The one-way valve is the bag with functional packaging, which allows gas to flow in one direction. Also, it blocks the outside air to enter into the container.

Types of One Way Valve Bag

One way vale is generally used in the coffee bag, ground coffee bag, coffee bean bag, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper coffee bag. These bags require flexible packaging for the exhaustion of gas.

One Way Valve Bag’s Importance for Coffee Bean

Once the installation of the valve is done, the carbon dioxide gas generated through roasting of the coffee bag is liberated out. Now the bag cannot explode. Besides, the one-way valve is able to stop the air coming into the bag for the avoidance of oxidation of coffee beans. This leads to instant dissemination of coffee aroma, which ensures the flavor of coffee remains intact.

Wrap Up

If you avoid installing the valve, the coffee powder and coffee beans’ preservation period will be reduced significantly. The one-way valve assures the flavor of coffee to last, at least, for six months.

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