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The Importance of One-Way Valve Bag
August 20, 2019
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Polypropylene bags have been in the market for quite some time. However, what really makes this stuff better from others is its wide range of uses. Every Bopp film laminated PP woven bag supplier supplies a range of BOPP bags for different purposes, but we believe some things make PP bags unique. As technology and science improve, so does the way people companies are doing business.

Basics of Polypropylene Bags

With new research and information, scientists have developed a product which is not only cleaner and greener compared to conventional PVC products but also cost-efficient too. PP is also renowned as poly weave because of its construction.

With this one of a kind technology, you can store your food for a long time with minimal spoil rate. Here are a few advantages to switching towards poly weave:

Budget-Friendly with Value Retention

In comparison to other plastics, polypropylene gives better performance in each area. It will store your products for longer with less spoilage. BOPP bags also carry more weight compared to any other plastic container that reduces waste and breakage.

All of these features account for saving money and value addition for your customer’s life and business overall.

Biodegradable and Versatile

Being eco-friendly is an immense factor these days when opting for a business venture. Today everyone is aware, and everyone should play their part for the reduction of waste. Poly weave bags undoubtedly leave behind less waste compared to other plastic competitors. When a block bottom valve bag is discarded, it will decompose quicker and leave a few amounts of toxins in our water and food.

Nobody would want to leave their name all over a bag of that quality when being stored or shipped. PP bags are biodegradable; thus, they help you to print product names, serial numbers, and your brand name right on the BOPP bag to appear for all to see. Printing the appearance of the brand is crucial than ever before.

valve bag

Pest Resistant and Durable

Time and again, PP bags have proved themselves to withstand extreme temperatures. BOPP bag has a melting point ranging between 130 to 170 degrees Celsius that makes it smart for items which require warehouses and trucks for a long time in the summers. Printing and laminating the bag won’t affect the durability and strength of the bag as well.

Moisture Control

PP bags reflect out moisture than other packing materials like cellophane and polyethene. Moisture control feature enables you to have mold build-up and less rot in your food. The odour is less likely to pervade other packages next to them too.

Wrap Up

BY using Bopp film laminated PP woven bag, you can save your item from electrical stress and chemical. All in all, it has been a revolution as far as the agricultural industry is concerned.

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